Our Story

A Passion for Outdoor Sports

Becomes a Business

Adrian Tregoning founded Bug Bags in 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa. After working as a mechanical engineer for 11 years he decided to break away from designing land based and subsea mining systems and get into an entirely different realm – that of fabrics and sewing machines. Adrian brings with him a passion for design with the aim of creating quality products that are simple and long lasting.

The desire to leave an office job was inspired by a background of enjoying time under the sun. Starting with day hikes with his parents as a child in Barberton, fishing in the lakes, rivers and ocean all over the country and then finally his great love of windsurfing started in the year 2000. Not long after this whitewater kayaking became the next obsession from 2004 and this resulted in a period of sponsorship for seven years. When not windsurfing or paddling you may find Adrian bodyboarding, hiking, running around with a camera, wobbling on a surfboard, trail running up on Table Mountain or enjoying a game of chess.